Tour Reservation Worksheet

Please complete the following information for your tour package reservation.  If third party insurance is accepted please submit an Insurance worksheet to Prestige Travel.  If there are any changes or cancellations please make sure to submit a new worksheet.  All forms should be completed PRIOR to your client's travel dates.
Agent ID  *
Primary Agent Name  *
Booking Date  *
Type of Booking
Confirmation Number  *
Type of Payment
Date Submitted  *
Final Payment Date  *
Tour Company Name  *
Hotel Name  *
Method of Reservation
First Passenger Name  *
First Passenger Birthdate  *
First Passenger Citizenship  *
First Passenger Daytime Telephone
First Passenger Email Address  *
Additional Passengers
Client Mailing Address
Destination  *
Departure City  *
Departure Date  *
Return Date  *
Type of Travel
Trip Inclusions
Insurance Accepted
Type of Insurance
Insurance Company Name, If Applicable
If Insurance Accepted, Total Cost
I am aware and/or have advised my client of the tour supplier cancellation policies.
I am aware and/or have advised my client of Prestige Travel cancellation service fees for cancelled bookings based on current policy.
I am aware and/or have advised my clients of the proof of citizenship requirements needed to travel.
I have informed my clients passports must to be valid at least 6 months AFTER departure date.
Tour Grand Total  *
Total Commission  *
Payment Amount
Adjustment Amount
Adjustment Reason
Bonus Commission Expected, If Applicable
Form of Payment
Payment Made to
Date Payment Submitted  *
Documents to be
If documents are to be mailed or emailed to client please enter client's information.
To receive a copy of this worksheet enter your email address here.  *
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