Cruise Group Setup/Revision Form

Please complete the following information for your cruise group.  If there are any changes or cancellations please make sure to submit a new worksheet.  All forms should be completed PRIOR to your client's travel dates.


*Anytime payments are made, submit a new Cruise Payment Form.

*If your group is being charged additional amounts beyond the cruise fare (for charities, etc) please be aware Prestige Travel requires written proof of the information given to the clients explaining these amounts.

**Once processed and approved, you will receive a signed copy for your records.**

Group Summary Status - Choose One
Primary Agent Name  *
Agent ID  *
Date Submitted  *
Cruise Line  *
Sailing Date
Booking #
Number of Cabins Held
Final Number of Cabins in Group
# of Amenity Points
Amenities Chosen (If Applicable)
Request for Exceptions to Group Policy & Guidelines
Explanation for Request
1st Deposit Due Date  *
Amount Required
2nd Deposit Due Date  *
Amount Required
Final Payment Due Date
Bonus Commission Due Amount (If Applicable)
Tour Conductor Due Amount (If Applicable)
I am aware that the final payment date given by the cruise line is the actual date that the group goes into penalties, so all unsold cabins and cancellations must be done prior to my final payment due date.
I have reviewed the Prestige Travel Cruise Groups Guidelines and understand the policies and procedures.
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