Cruise Reservation Worksheet

Please complete the following information for your cruise reservation.  If insurance is accepted and is non-cruise line insurance, please submit an Insurance worksheet to Prestige Travel.  If there are any changes or cancellations please make sure to submit a new worksheet.  All forms should be completed PRIOR to your client's travel dates.
Agent ID  *
Primary Agent Name  *
Booking Number  *
Is this part of a TLN Group?
If Yes, Enter TLN Group Number
Booking Date  *
Type of Booking
Linked Reservation Number
Date Submitted  *
Cruise Line  *
Sailing Date  *
Return Date  *
Ship Name  *
First Passenger Name  *
First Passenger Date of Birth  *
First Passenger Emergency Phone #  *
Second Passenger Name
Third Passenger Name
Fourth Passenger Name
Insurance Accepted
If Insurance Accepted, Enter Total Cost
I am aware and/or have advised my client of the cruise lines cancellation policies.
I am aware and/or have advised my client of Prestige Travel cancellation service fee per person for cancelled bookings based on current policy.
I am aware and/or have advised my clients of the proof of citizenship requirements needed to cruise.
Gross Amount  *
Total Commission
Amount of Additional Funds to be Received, If Applicable
Type of Funds
Description of Additional Funds to be Received
Type of Payment
Payment Amount  *
Final Payment Due Date  *
Adjustment Amount
Adjustment Reason
Special Rate
Additional Comments/Notes
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